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Chicken Dust


Our best-selling Chicken Dust Seasoning truly shines when grilling chicken. Be sure to use this seasoning at your next community function or backyard get-together. 

INGREDIENTS: Salt, Paprika, Dextrose, Dried Onion & Garlic, Black Pepper, Mustard, Celery, Less than 2% Silicon Dioxide added to prevent caking.

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Weight 7.5 oz



Moisten the sides of the meat with vegetable or olive oil then sprinkle both sides of the meat very generously 3-24 hours before you grill or when you grill.


5 reviews for Chicken Dust

  1. Karen Mathews

    On a recent Mission Trip to Hanover, IN, one of our kitchen crew used Chicken Dust in some of our dishes to the delight of everyone. We stopped into the Dutch Market nearby looking for some to take home to Virginia with us. We bought every Chicken Dust they had! After posting on Facebook and Instagram, many of our friends and relatives asked us to bring some home to them. We went back to the Dutch Market after 3 days and cleared their shelves again. We even picked up many of the other Dusts. I can’t wait to try them all.

  2. Lindelwa

    where can I get it

  3. Dana Nelson

    When my husband was an independent trucker, he bought this on a stop for us to try at home. Wow! It’s amazing!!!! I use it to season the meat and flour for fried chicken or when using my air fryer. Great blend that’s not overbearing or too much of anything… we love it and I finally ran out … so I’m buying on line directly.

    • Admin Weaver

      Thank you for your positive feedback. We really appreciate it!

      – Norma


    The spicy chicken dust Is Awesome on a baked potato with butter and sour cream

    • Admin Weaver

      Thank you for your positive feedback, and for your business. We really appreciate it, and hope you are doing well.

      -Norma W.

  5. Kim Jung

    This seasoning is incredible! We bought it at Yoder’s Market in Shipshewana, Indiana while visiting. My family loves the taste and we always use it on grilled chicken! I would highly recommend this to any chicken grillin’ family!! We have even given containers to friends in gift baskets!

    • Admin Weaver

      Thank you for your positive feedback, for your business, and for sharing our seasonings with others. We greatly appreciate it, and hope you are doing well.

      -Norma W.

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