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Garden Dill


Our Garden Dill Seasoning adds a fresh and different flavor to your arsenal of dishes and meals; whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you won’t have to work hard for the Garden Dill Seasoning to make an appearance.

INGREDIENTS: Dill Weed, Dried Onion & Garlic, Sea Salt, Dried Onion.

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Weight 0.19 oz

Green Beans, Baked Potatoes, Salmon, Fish, Vegetables, etc.
Use with Vegetables, Crackers, Vegetable Pizza, etc.


Dip Mix Recipe = 6 ounces Sour Cream, 4 ounces Cream Cheese, 1.5 Tablespoons Garden Dill Seasoning, or 0.5 cup mayo, 0.5 cup Sour Cream, 1.5 Tablespoons Garden Dill Seasoning.



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