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Popcorn & French Fry


Our Popcorn & French Fry Seasoning is simply put, a game changer. Use this seasoning on the foods you already love (Popcorn/French Fries) and the foods that you want to love (Vegetables).

INGREDIENTS: Sea Salt (w/Magnesium Carbonate), Sugar, Spices Including Paprika, Dried Onion & Garlic, Turmeric, and Celery.

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Weight 12 oz

Popcorn, French Fries, Vegetables, Potatoes, Meats.


Sprinkle on popcorn & French fries to taste.
Sprinkle on meats before you grill.


1 review for Popcorn & French Fry

  1. Gary E McHalpine

    This is awesome! I sprinkle on everything. What a flavor enhancement!

    • Admin Weaver

      Thank you for your positive feedback, and for your business. We appreciate it!:)

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